The Work Doesn’t Stop

When Sound of Music closes on Sunday (there are only five performances and tickets are selling fast) many people believe the set is struck, or dismantled, the grounds are cleaned up and then everyone goes home for the winter. Not so…not by a long shot. It’s true that the actors, the interns and the technicians go back to their homes, but there is a pretty sizable staff that stays on through the off-season, making sure things run smoothly and will continue to run smoothly next season.

A theatrical season at TriArts takes careful planning. First of all, next years shows need to be chosen. That is done at the end of summer by the Season Selection Committee made up the two Artistic Directors, Michael Berkeley and John Simpkins, Scenic Designer, Erik Diaz, Lighting Designer, Chris Dallos, Executive Director Alice Bemand, William Suter, the Chair of TriArts Board, and TriArts founder Sarah Combs and former Executive Director and long time friend of TriArts Pamela Chassin.

Once the shows are chosen the work begins. Directors, design and technical people are contacted and interviewed. Casting is discussed. Contracts are drafted. Budgets are worked on.

Much of this process is overseen by Executive Director, Alice Bemand with the able assistance of Audrey Brooks, the Office Administrator. Alice has been with the theater for about seven years and Audrey for more than six.

Over the winter, budgets are set for the shows, design teams are set, summer interns are hired and technical staff is selected. Housing is secured for next years actors and staff. Community outreach continues through the winter. Program advertisement is sold. And TriArts other activities like the Youtheatre Camp and Bok Gallery Events are planned. Alice likes to say that show business is a business, but she takes satisfaction in being a creative business woman. Audrey and Alice are two hardworking women. And a major reason that TriArts runs so smoothly is their hard work.

Audrey Brooks, left and Alice Bemand making business creative.


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