So Long, Farewell…

The Sound of Music closes today with the 5pm show after a very successful run. I went to last night’s show with my sister and was pleased to see that Michael Berkeley began the pre-curtain segment by introducing the musicians to the audience. The show was great and it was followed by the usual standing ovation.

This will be my final post of the season. It was a privilege to observe the entire process, beginning to end, of bringing a major musical to the stage and I hope I have been able to convey at least some of this to readers. I know my experience as a theater audience member will be much enhanced by my summer “job” at TriArts.

The idea for this blog was Michael Berkeley’s. I had contacted him looking for “something to do” and he suggested the blog. Michael, who is one of the founders of TriArts has been with it every year since its beginnings in 1990. He has been intensely involved in every season, first as Musical Director, then as Artistic Director. Without Michael, TriArts would be a very different place. Of course, TriArts is a collaboration and many people have contributed their time, energy and in many cases their hard earned money to the theater. But Michael has been present for 22 years, encouraging young people, some who have gone on to careers in theater. He generously makes time for everyone, helping them learn their lines, learn music and even taking the time to give my family a backstage tour a few years ago. He is a gifted and generous artist.

To all of the actors, the technical staff, the interns, the designers, directors, business staff and board members who gave me encouragement and patiently explained some of the more mysterious aspects of theater to me – a big thank you. You all contributed to a great show in a great season and it was my privilege to witness and record it.

I’ll be back next year to report on the process of next season’s shows and there will be a few posts over the winter to bring you up to date on TriArts’ latest news.

Have a great off-season everyone. See you next year.


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